Dyson V11 Absolute Launch

Earlier we got a chance to check and experience Dyson V11 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum. Advanced teachnolgy for everday cleaning that intelligently optimizes suction and run time. It weighs 6.68 lbs, can suction to 185HW and run time until 60minutes.

✔️ continuously senses, then automatically adapts suction
✔️ high torque vacuum cleaner head for powerful floor cleaning
✔️intelligent cleaning : choose between 3 powerful cleaning modes – auto, boost and eco
✔️intelligently reports in real time – shows remaining run time, LCD Screen and Maintenance Alerts

Thank you for inviting us.

Dyson V11 launch at Edsa Shangrila Mall
Dyson V11

Happy to meet YOU!

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Hi, I am Mommy Seyrah, a first time mom of a 4 year old lovely girl, Cady Sascha. We love to wear twinning/ matchy outfits, a way of bonding with my little one.

We will post our daily activities, brands that we are using, events and places we are going, my personal mom experiences, twinning OOTDS and lots of more.

Hope you can join our journey and together we can make Mommyhood enjoyable!

Lots of L❤️VE, Mommy Seyrah



Kamusta ka? It is an automatic, friendly quick “check” of another’s well-being at the time of contact. 

So, how are we, really?

We all know that no one can survive without what nature provides. Our “well-being” is not independent of the air, food and soil and other elements of nature that we are connected to. So, when we ask our fellow Filipinos – “kamusta ka?” – it should also refer to what basically sustains our lives – the working connections of living and non-living elements of nature which is “biodiversity”. So how is our own Philippine biodiversity? 

Just as MIND S-COOL TV Season 3 convinced you that you are biodiversity and biodiversity is you, Season 4 brings you onboard a revelatory 6-episode adventure to prove to you that you are ok ONLY IF nature is ok.

In Season 4, you will discover a very unique “OK Clinic” where you get to see what ails our Philippine biodiversity and how these are seriously affecting our own health as Filipinos. Just as when you have a check-up to see if your heart, lungs, kidneys and other vital systems are working well, you will get to zoom in on the habitats – forests, wetlands and the seas – to get to understand that these are the natural lifelines we have and that destroying them will spell tragedies for what we thought were only our “personal” health.

These “check-up” adventures that our questers Mikee and Pecier will live out across the 6 episodes, will be punctuated by the presence of the “doctors” who study and check on “biodiversity”. They are namely Kuya Aldrin, ecologist of the “OK Clinic”, and Ate Rina, the “head banker” of a very different kind of bank called “Samu’t Saring Bangko ng Buhay.” And of course, Manong G (which stands for “genius guard”), the mysteriously mindful “guard” of MIND S-COOL will be issuing his flashes of wisdom to the MIND S-COOL barkada in all these episodes.

The last 2 episodes of Season 4 will also empower viewers to discover that the treatments and cures for what ails Philippine biodiversity are within our reach. We can save ourselves by saving our biodiversity, and Season 4 will show audiences the powerful, creative and even fun ways we can do with our families, friends and community to chart our way towards positive health in this wondrous and beautiful archipelagic spot on this planet!

Just as with Season 3 where MIND S-COOL TV creatively showed that “I am biodiversity and biodiversity is me”, Season 4 was also mindfully created by an all-Filipino team of creatives in partnership with the Sustainable Interventions for Biodiversity, Oceans, and Landscapes (SIBOL) Activity of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).   

Greatly inspired by the ratings of Season 3 that showed very strong shared viewership among Filipino families with over 2.2 million views and being the only science show in Nielsen’s ratings top 5 educational show, Season 4 was conceived and executed with the same passion and clarity to deliver the message: WE are OK ONLY IF BIODIVERSITY IS OK. 

MIND S-COOL TV Season 4 also makes use of imaginative set-designs and engaging science communication techniques, expertly honed by the team of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit science and art foundation that conceived and operates The Mind Museum, a science museum, and the BGC Arts Center.

“We may be splintered by many opinions in our politics and social lives BUT no one will survive without nature. There should be no debate about that if you live, breathe and eat. Our health and lives are literally at stake if we do not have a shared understanding of how our human lives are intricately connected with biodiversity – which is the way nature is structured and how it works to serve our lives. MIND S-COOL is our creative and concrete contribution to this vital understanding and we remain grateful for the USAID-SIBOL partnership to get this message across and hopefully imbibed by Filipino families.” says Maria Isabel Garcia, Managing Director and Curator of the BAFI.

from L to R:
Rina Rosales, Natural Resources Management Specialist, USAID SIBOL
Dr. Aldrin Mallari, Ecosystems Integration Specialist, USAID SIBOL
Pecier Decierdo, Mind S-Cool TV Host and Content Writer
John Piggott, Acting Director, USAID Philippines Office of the Environment
Dr. Ernesto Guiang, SIBOL Chief of Party, USAID SIBOL
Mikee Estorga, Mind S-Cool TV Host and Content Writer
Marlito Guidote, Deputy Chief of Party, USAID SIBOL

With this new season of MIND S-COOL, SIBOL “hopes that the message of environmental conservation in oceans and landscapes facilitates a deeper understanding with a wider audience. We hope that they will value our biodiversity, oceans and landscapes and their inherent capacity to sustainably supply ecosystem services for their own benefit and the development of communities”, the project noted.

MIND S-COOL TV Premiere of Season 4 airs on Cignal TV’s ONE PH Ch.1 on June 26, Sunday, 11:00am and 4:30pm (Philippines). It can also be streamed on the Mind S-Cool YouTube channel.  



The Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit foundation that champions the arts and sciences in elevating community and national life. It conceived, created and operates The Mind Museum, the BGC Arts Center, the BGC public art program, and Mind S-Cool.

For over 10 years now, The Mind Museum is a self-sustaining, non-profit educational facility working to inspire solutions to real-world problems by initiating and bolstering science engagement in elevating aspects of individual, community and national life.


Launched in 2020, the Sustainable Interventions for Biodiversity, Oceans, and Landscapes (SIBOL) is a P1.1-billion natural resources management and biodiversity conservation project of the United States Agency for International Development in partnership with RTI International. SIBOL works closely with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development. The Center for Conservation Innovations, Forest Foundation Philippines, Zoological Society of London, and the Resources, Environment and Economics Center for Studies, comprise the consortium partnering with RTI.





How to get your PSA Certificates online in just 3 easy steps

I’ve got our PSA Birth Certificates in just 4 days!

When your a Mom, you know that your kids will need this especially if they start school or will need an ID that you want them to have like Passport. Even us need these certificates!

Don’t worry because applying for PSA Certificates is easy peasy nowadays with the help of PSAHelpline.ph. With just a few clicks, you will have your certificates delivered right on your doorstep.

Request online for a PSA certificates through PSAHelpline.ph. Certificates like Birth, Marriage, Death or CENOMAR.

It’s the fastest and convenient way of getting your PSA certificates within days, with numerous payment channels available and customer support channels to assist you every step of the way.

With just a few clicks, you will enjoy the convenience of a PSA online application and receive your PSA certificates at the comfort and safety of your home.

3 easy steps:

1. Request for a certificate online through https://psahelpline.ph/. Select the certificate you need. Applying can be made through Desktop or mobile phones.

Here’s the simple steps:

•Go to PSAHelpline.ph website homepage, click the “Order Now” button.

•On the next page, click the “Birth” button. Accept the terms and conditions. Then, click “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

•You can choose if you’ll get your OWN certificate or for your Family member or someone else. Click continue.

•Next page will appear for you to fill up some informations. Make sure you have the datas on hand. Then click continue.

•A form will show asking you to provide vital pieces of information, namely your sex, civil status (if female), first name, middle name, last name, birth date, and the type of your government-issued ID. After completing the form, click “Continue.”

•Fill up the delivery details.

•You can review again the details and ensure that it’s all correct, if yes then click I Confirm.

2. Pay online (credit card, GCash, PayMaya or Bayad Online) or over the counter (7-11, Bayad, Palawan Pawnshop) and other like BancNet and Dragon Pay. The payment fee for one copy of a PSA birth certificate is Php365.00.

3. Wait for the delivery, 3 to 4 working days within Metro Manila and 3 to 8 working days outside Metro Manila. Make sure to present a valid ID upon delivery.

That’s it! Super easy to apply right?! No hassles on going out and lining up. For more information, you can visit PSAHelpline.ph or send an email at help@psahelpline.ph.

Reminder: You must be of legal age to make a PSA Certificate online application request. Please read the User Agreement section for more details.

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