United in Motherhood: Moms Supporting Each Otheron Breastfeeding Journeys

Philips AVENT launches new Electric Breast Pump that encourages mothers to embrace and be #UpForTheChallenge of breastfeeding by delivering fast, gentle and hassle-free expression

Manila, Philippines – Even as life continues to move after the onset of COVID-19, the journey of motherhood in the time of this pandemic has its challenges. With most of time spent at home, away from loved ones, technology makes it possible for moms to connect with each other and find the support they need in these unprecedented times.

The meetup also featured a discussion led by birthing coach Chiqui Brosas-Hahn, covering topics of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and motherhood in our current situation. The brand brought mothers of all kinds together as well – withmom-to-mom conversations headlined by influencer and mother-to-be Camille Co, Philips AVENT aims to give all moms the knowledge and equipment needed to give their children the best start in life.

“I’m ready to take on the challenges ahead. I mean, I’m already going into this armed with so much information from professionals, friends and books. I fully understand how difficult yet rewarding the road ahead will be,” says Camille. “As a new mom, it’s nice to know I have a reliable partner in Philips AVENT.”

Philips AVENT, one of the world’s leading mother and childcare brands, organized a Virtual Mommy Meetup last April 21 – drawing on the belief that together, families can embrace motherhood through its highs and lows. During the event, moms elaborated on the range of difficulties involved in raising children in a pandemic. However, many mothers celebrated the learning experiences that translated into moments of parenting success. The meetup, which was once again by Patty Laurel, served not only as a support group for expectant mothers, but also an educational platform and open forum for mothers to seek guidance as they progress through motherhood.

Electric Breast Pump inspired by baby’s natural feeding process

“In these times, mothers must always safeguard the health of their children from the earliest stages of life,” says Chiqui.“While breastfeeding is a unique and beautiful journey, it’s not always going to be easy. It can be time intensive and women can experience difficulties with latching, discomfort, or nipple soreness.”

The Philips AVENT Electric Breast Pump enables women to express comfortably and efficiently, while maintaining the benefits of feeding their baby breast milk. Its one-size-fits-all soft, silicone shield gently adjusts to 99.98% of nipple sizes up to 30mm, so mothers can feel confident that this is the right feeding solution for them. It has Natural Motion Technology that uses frequency, intensity and nipple stimulation for pumping that is simple, fast and gentle. 

“Being a mom, juggling the demands of work and motherhood can be quite the task. With the need to find reliable solutions to help give our children a healthy start, I’m proud to say that by combining scientific knowledge with an innovation-focused vision, Philips AVENT has developed a feeding solution that adapts to the mother,” said Maite Uy, business development manager, Philips Philippines. 

“We are thankful for these moms who participated in our meetup event. We hope to continue to offer a source of comfort and care for moms everywhere raising their children in these unprecedented times. We aim to get Filipino moms to always be #UpForTheChallenge of motherhood, and we atPhilips AVENT will always be steadfast in our commitment to supporting and guiding moms through every step of motherhood,” Uy added.

The Philips AVENT Electric Breast Pump is available at the Philips flagship stores in Lazada and Shopee.

Lessandra: A Home for Every Filipino Family

A secured home is one of the fundamentals parents cater to or goal to provide for the family. After all, who wouldn’t want their own space wherein they can live comfortably, nurture their children to grow, and sleep peacefully at night – shelter being one of human’s basic needs. As this an important goal for us parents, we ought to prepare to get the best for our family. More often, best is associated with the most expensive ones, adding more pressure to an already daunting task. Fortunately, this is not the case for residential properties with Lessandra’shouse offerings!

A Quality and Affordable Home 

Formally launched as a brand in 2019, Lessandra is a developer of quality and affordable house and lots from the formidable and most trusted in the home building industry, Vista Land. With the tagline “AngatKa Dito”, Lessandra provides opportunities to Filipino families to live in a maaliwalas community where safety and convenience are prioritized – an Angat or elevated living experience for everyone. 

Lessandra has different options for residence, from the Starter series, which is the Arielle, to the AngatSeries of Criselle, Ezabelle, and Frielle, and their latest Step-Up Series with Sienna. Some of their projects even offer other options for bigger residential requirement. This is good news not only for parents but for everyone looking for a propertywith specific needs and criteria in mind that needed to be addressed.

The Ezabelle Home of Lessandra

Five Pillars of a Lessandra Home

Affordability does not sacrifice the quality. Each Lessandra community is guided by its Five Pillars: Easy-to-Own Housing, Maaliwalas Community, Accessible Location, Affordable Homes, and Guaranteed Safe and Secured.

• Easy-to-own. To ensure that Filipino families can live in their Angat and Maaliwalas communities, Lessandra offers flexible payment schemes to homebuyers. Ask their friendly and accommodating office representatives about their different payment schemes and the available promos and you will not be disappointed. But, that’s not all. To make homebuying even easier, Lessandra embraced innovation and adapted seamless digital tools to help buyers reserve their houses anytime and anywhere they want. Check the virtual tour they have on their website! It replicates a Lessandra community complete with amenities and different house models. If you want to proceed to the reservation, simply click on the online reservation portal, and you’re just a step away from acquiring your new place.

• Maaliwas Community. As mentioned earlier, one of the key features of Lessandra communities is it being Maaliwalas. Breathe fresh air as their projects are located outside the overcrowded cities and with ample open space for a peaceful strolling experience. They also have various community amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, basketball court, and playground for a happy family bonding experience.

Give your family a maaliwalas home and environment

• Accessible Location. Residents don’t need to worry when it comes to the location, as Lessandra projects are situated in progressive areas, just outside the busy metro. Each community is in close proximity to business and commercial hubs, schools, hospitals, churches, transportation hubs, and road networks. Moreover, if you buy a house and lot in Lessandra, there is a high chance that you are also near to local tourist and travel spots – another reason why living in Lessandra is ideal.

• Affordable Homes. Of course, we cannot miss out on Lessandra being affordable. With their different house model options and locations nationwide, you will surely be able to find a property that fits your budget. Aside from bank financing and in-house financing, you may also choose to fund your purchase through Home Development Fund Corp. (HDMF), otherwise known as Pag-IBIG, for certain house models. Want to know how affordable your future home is? Try their loan calculator! Choose the location you want, house model, financing type, and amortization payment terms, then click calculate. As simple as that and, you’d be able to get a snapshot of how much your payment would be.Take advantage of the low monthly amortization and reserve your unit as early as you can as their inventories sell out fast!

• Guaranteed Safe and Secured. What’s the use of living in a dwelling where you will not be at ease? You want an abode where you and your family will be able to live without worries of unwanted events. This is another advantage offered by Lessandra. All their communities are come with 24/7 security through their high fence protections, CCTV cameras, and round-the-clock security posts and roving patrols. Homeowners will feel safe living in a secured environment such as what Lessandra offers.

With Lessandra homes, it is reassuring that every parent can afford a safe space for their family, a nurturing environment for their children, and a place they can call their own. Don’t miss out on the best deals they offer, visit their website at lessandra.com.ph and their Official Facebook Page @LessandraOfficial. They also have Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok Accounts @LessandraOfficialfor tips and designs and other interesting features, and Twitter @lessandraonline for more updates.

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