We Are All Super Mom

My Mother, My Frontliner in Forest Lake Memorial Park’s Tribute Video

Browsing through my Facebook, i saw a tribute video of Forest Lake Memorial Parks for Moms. I was intrigued and watched it immediately, it was so touching i found myself crying.

I can relate to the video because i am a mom (a first time mom to be exact!). I remembered my journey from being pregnant until now. Yes, there were sacrifices made, but i don’t have regrets, as long as my child is safe and happy with me.

One of the sacrifices made was when i left my corporate job and decided to be a hands on Mom to Cady, thinking that if i am with her always, things will improve on her especially on her study and eating habits. Yes, there were times i missed going to work, team huddles, having a salary to look forward to but seeing her super happy being with me – i made the right decision.

We, Moms, always gives the best for our kids and we want them to be happy even in exchange of our dreams or plans. We always put their needs on our top priority and making sacrifices for their good. That is why we are called š…š‘šŽšš“š‹šˆšš„š‘ šš† š“š€š‡š€šš€š!

Watch @forestlakememorialparks touching and inspiring tribute video to all SUPER MOM. Check out this link https://bit.ly/3fAeVNp

I bet you will shed a tear while watching it. So grab a hanky! And to all SAHM out there, gain an extra income if you will be their Sales Agent. Be part of the team at Forest Lake, one of the most trusted memorial care brands in the country. Interested to work or invest in Forest Lake Memorial Parks, please visit their website https://www.forestlakememorialparks.com

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Forest Lake Memorial Park, My Mother My Frontliner, Super Mom

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